About the bike pics.

Everyone says that a picture is worth 1,000 words. This site is all about the links, but early reviewers (Special ED and Kathleen, thanks guys) said it needed more pics, for visual appeal.Marvel bike

I thought about putting in pics of crashes with lots of gore and dismembered biker and bike parts, but no-one wants to see that. A lot of the pics I wanted to use were copyrighted by news media and others.

I decided to use some photos I took at the 'Art of the Motorcycle' exhibit in Memphis, with permission. This is one of a Marvel bike at the show. Call it a little bit of site beautification.

Old brakesThere ya go, some eye candy. If you have better pics, send them in via the blog or contact pages, and we'll publish them.

In the meantime, consider how lucky you are to have three disc brakes instead of the contraption to the right.

All photos copyright(c) ET, 2005-2009, but you can use them if you want.

Original art (c) May Parker 2002 reproduced with thanks.