SEE notes: Cage entering street from a parking lot.

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Vehicles entering the street from a parking lot to either side of the road are a particular conspicuity issue.

Many riders feel that street furniture, pedestrians and other roadside visual obstructions can block the view of a bike approaching in the nearest lane.

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Bikes are also vulnerable to cars entering the street from the left side, if they turn left.


Cars entering the highway is the main reason given by bikers who avoid the slowest (rightmost in the US) lane. Parking lot entrances are not as controlled as street intersections. Look for signage, landscaping, pedestrians, poles and street furniture obstructing the driver's view, especially of the near lane.


Consider changing lane so as not to be in the rightmost lane.

Consider which placement is best so drivers entering from the left side can see you.

Consider using a vehicle as a shield.