SEE notes: Cage making a left turn in front of you


In this scenario, the car is ahead of you with turn signals on (the orange blobs on the graphic), and is in the intersection, either moving or waiting to make its move.

Look for vehicles who are waiting for the cage to complete it's move. Is the sight-line of the other driver blocked by the car ahead, or anything else?

Check the vehicle ahead in the intersection. Check for signs, such as switching off turn signals, or front wheel turning towards your lane.


Is the turning driver about to abandon the turn and change direction in front of you?

How will the active conspicuity, the view of other drivers and possible escape routes change, if the driver proceeds with his turn.

If the car is in your lane, evaluate readiness to stop.

Consider if you are approaching or in the waiting car's blind spot.


If the driver abandons and turns in front, either activate an escape route, if you have one, or go to crash evasion/mitigation.

If the car is in your lane, stop and maintain an appropriate space cushion.

If there is a conspicuity factor, change position, initiate subtle weave, use horn or flash lights to improve active conspicuity.

This situation might change to car-approaching-intersection or a car-stopped-at-intesection scenario when the turning driver completes his move.

Move away from the turning car's blind spot and be aware you are in it if it is unavoidable.