SEE notes: Cage stopped in side street.

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Vehicles stopped on a side road. If you are not planning to stop at the intersection, look for signs that the car intends to move. Also check if he is likely to turn if he does.

Things to look out for on the cage: turn signals, car hood rises as car accelerates, wheel turn angle.

Driver danger signs: distraction with object, face turned down towards object on dash or in lap, face turned towards passenger in conversation.

Check if there are any vehicles or other obstructions that might block the driver's view of you.

Check for sirens or emergency vehicle activity.

Are there any vehicles between you and the approaching vehicle that you can move behind as a shield?



Consider the possibility that the driver has not seen you and might start into your path, either going straight across or turning.

Evaluate if the driver has seen you.

Evaluate possible escape routes or blocking vehicles between you and the approaching vehicle.

If the car appears not to be stopping, or has not seeen you consider moving to an escape route previously evaluated, change speed, or initiate crash avoidanc/evasion mode.

If the driver is distracted, evaluate his potential to drive across you, and consider additional active conspicuity measures.

Are there any vehicles which can shield you from the stopped vehicle?


Consider changing lane so as not to be in the rightmost lane, for a car turning from your right.

Consider using a vehicle as a shield.

Flashing lights and/or horn might alert an inattentive or distracted driver.

Crash avoidanc/evasion is covered in it's own section.

Changing position or speed might provide additional escape paths.