Demonstrations of bike conspicuity.


This is Special ED making four passes on his Street Glide. The headlight has been upgraded with a 65W PIAA bulb and a relay. The first run is with low beams, then with high beams and modulator, the third run is with running lights and modulator and the final run is with high beams, running lights and modulator. See it on youtube.com.

The second video with ET's ST1300.



This is ET making four passes, first with low beams, then high beams, followed by high beams with running lights and finally with modulator. ET's ST1300 has been modified. The pair of 45W halogens have been replaced with 65W PIAA bulbs, and a relay takes headlight power directly from the battery. The lights are about twice as bright as a stock ST1300. The videos were shot on a very bright summer afternoon. See it on Youtube.com.