dork alertDork Alert

ET has no sense of style and maybe an exaggerated sense of self-preservation, so he doesn't mind looking like a dork. But we understand that a lot of bikers do mind.

So, we have introduced our 'Dork Alert' graphic, and when you see it you can click on it to check out some less dorky options to whatever is being talked about that's dorky.

Ya gotta understand, ET is a geek, sort of used to having girlies kick sand in his face. But it takes a geek to make a website, so you'll have to live with that. He's also a pretty bad rider, and Brittany Morrow, another girlie, made him deathly afraid of road rash.

But we understand that bikers are free spirits and don't like stuff shoved down their throats, so we got ya covered. Or uncovered as the case may be. Like we always say, 90 percent of riding safer is between your ears.