dork alertDork Alert for Biker Gear

There are some less dorky-looking alternatives for biker wear.

Summer Gear

Kevlar jeans and jackets offer reasonable protection against road rash caused by abrasion. You can combine these with strap-on armor, if you wish. It's available for torso, shoulders, knees and shins. There's also a suit with a full set of armor that can be worn under regular denim or denim with kevlar. Unless you're planning getting naked with your riding buddies, they'll never know. Kevlar does not offer as much protection as leather, but if combined with CE rated armor you'll look good and have some protection.

Winter Gear

Leather is always acceptable for biker wear, and chaps and jacket in leather are the gold standard for abrasion resistance. You can get gear with unobtrusive armor, or wear the separate armor we talked about above. It's also fairly cool to wear a helmet in the winter.


If you are going to get in a crash that will break bones, dismember you or cause massive internal injuries, even the best gear won't save your ass. Decent gear mainly protects against road rash, which is expensive to heal and no fun at all. Protective gear is also about the only thing that will protect you against crashes with deer and other large animals, from which there is no other viable defense.