dork alert

Dork Alert for Helmet Conspicuity

Assuming you are wearing a helmet at all, if you can't see your way to a white or bright helmet, or high-vis riding gear, there are still things you can do.

The Maids study is at pains to use the term 'contrasting with the background' when talking about the conspicuity of rider gear and helmets. The reason why high-viz and bright colors are conspicuous is because they almost always stand out from the background, as they are colors not often encountered in nature or in our mostly gray urban environment.

If you can imagine a motorcycle and rider in high-viz yellow against a truck painted in high-viz. That would actually be camouflage for that particular environment.

Another way to get conspicuity is to wear a two-tone pattern of colors that contrast with each other. Think of black-and-white cabs or police cars.

Orange flame decals on a black helmet, white logos, two-tone motifs and jackets with a contrasting stripe or emblem might be a good way to go here.

Here's some ideas... you can make it cool and also conspicuous, with a bit of imagination.