dork alertDork Alert for Modulator

Most of the bike conspicuity measures, like using brighter bulbs, relays, etc. are reasonable, and hard to fault.

Running lights can easily be decorative, and a lot of very cool bikes have them. By choosing running lights in keeping with your bike's general style, most people will consider them an appearance bonus.

Modulators are the one area on our lighting improvements page where there has been comment. Judge for yourself on our video demo. We can say from our own experience that modulators are very effective close-up, and especially in drivers rear-view mirrors. You can clearly see the drivers noticing you, double taking and doing something. - Sometimes they slow down, often times they'll move into the slow lane to let you pass. One time on US 64 in East Tennessee, a speeding Jag driver pulled over to get his ticket when Special ED and I came up behind with modulators on.

Here's WebBikeWorld's article on modulators. The reviewer mentions that when he is driving his cage, he finds modulators behind him to be 'annoying', so he recommends tying modulators to the low beam (rather than the high beam). This is pulling your punches, in our opinion. We say: annoy the shit out of cage drivers, if they are seeing us they are probably not pulling out in front of us. They are very much an 'in your face' approach.

If you can't see yourself with a modulator, go for some of the other lighting improvements. They are non-dorky and very effective.