SEE: Street Furniture and other visual obstructions


Street furniture includes all kerbside objects, like light poles, sign supports, mailboxes, trash cans, utility and telecomms enclosures, business signs and placards, benches, construction equipment, shrubbery, landscaping, trees, crashed vehicles.

Some of these items can also occur in a median.

Other visual obstructions might include pedestrians and animals and their luggage and equipment.


Consider if your view is blocked from a driver on a side turn or entrance by one or more of these items.

Are there potential escape routes?


Use the standard conspicuity measures. A lane change away from the rightmost lane, if not prevented by an upcoming maneuver, is often a good way to go, or some other available escape route.

Otherwise use the standard conspicuity tactics of slight lane weave, moving across lanes and sublanes to try to increase your conspicuity.