bike on roadThreat Matrix:

The idea is we scan down the matrix, but anything from a higher level pre-empts the scan. For example, if we are checking for Active Conspicuity and time comes up for a maneuver, the maneuvers tab comes into play. Similarly, if a crash causation comes up, dealing with that takes priority. Otherwise we are executing the SEE strategy under the various headings.

Tactical Level

Urgency Scan for Evaluate Execute
Accident Avoidance
red light
All crash causations Go to Crash Avoidance section
green light
Maneuvering requirements Safe to make intended maneuver? Execute maneuver as per maneuvers section
Active Conspicuity
orange light
Objects blocking line of sight Can the driver of all vehicles in the area see you? Maneuver to increase your visibility to a driver
Space Cushion
orange light
Vehicles in or near your time/space cushion. Can you maneuver to increase your space cushions? Maneuver to increase your time/space cushion