SEE notes: Cars ahead of you in traffic


Check the vehicles' blind spots.

Check for signs of a vehicle about to change lane - turn signals, wheel turn, brake lights.

See if the vehicle might block your view from oncoming traffic.

Evaluate the distance to the car, if in front.


Are you in or about to be in a vehicle's blind spots?.

Is the vehicle turning?

Examine the time/space window considerations.


If there is a conspiculty issue, in the vehicle's rear view mirrors, maneuver out of the blind spot.

Conspicuity moves include riding in a gentle weave pattern or changing sublanes or lanes to the right. See UK DOT (page 15) and Better Motorcycling blog on the subject. The idea is that any rightwards move changes the oncoming driver's angle of view to show more of the bike and rider.

Time/space maneuvering is here.