SEE: vehicles behind the bike.


This scanario includes situations where the bike is stopped in traffic.

Check rear-view mirrors and head-check for vehicles behind you.

Estimate distances and speeds of following vehicles.

Check for potential escape routes.

Check for conspicuity issues. Are drivers distracted, impaired or moving too fast towards you.


Estimate the stopping distances of all vehicles.

Flag if vehicles are moving closer.

Estimate the space available in front in terms of stopping distance, and if it is safe to use some of it.

See excerpt from the Florida Motorcycle Handbook

If a vehicle is about to overtake you, will you be in its blind spot.


If the time/space cushion is becoming critical, and an escape route is available, move to the escape route.

If there is some extra safe stopping distance ahead, increase speed to increase the rear cushion.

If there is a potential conspicuity problem, change lanes, change sublanes or perform a slight weave to increase conspicuity.

Flash brake lights to warn the other driver if necessary.

If about to be rear-ended, use the crash evasion/avoidance section or use an escape route.

If stationery and about to be rear ended, flash brake lights and attempt evasion.

If you are being tailgated, a recommended strategy is to slow down and allow the tailgater to pass.