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Book logo   The European Maids study, 2005.

Full details on http://www.maids-study.eu/, you can download the full report and other information free on .pdf.
The Maids study was done in 5 sites in Europe.  The study probably does not translate well to US conditions. The majority of European bikes on the road are mopeds and scooters, which are mostly used in cities as commute vehicles.  Moped riders tend to be younger, less well trained and less experienced than the riders of bigger bikes.  Maids found that bigger bikes turn up in fewer crashes. Maids is also of interest because it uses the OECD methodology that is mandated for the new US study.Ducati 750

We suggest that the proposed US study consider a few additional factors:

What bikers can be doing is improving their training and making their motorcycles and apparel more conspicuous. It also looks like other users can be trained to notice motorcycles sooner. If all drivers could be trained, as many as 20% of the Maids crashes might have been avoided. This is difficult, but we'll be looking at it later in the driver-ed page.

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