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Crash Study Blog Index

At, we have been following the progress of the Motorcycle Crash Causation Study since before we were online.

We've been blogging the issue almost daily since the October 5th announcement by DOT that the study was under way.

We've also been following the money.

Here's a list of our blog items so far:

Study Personnel:  (11/2/2009) We reveal what Dynamic Science and Jim Ouellet are charging the study as major subcontractors, and Dr. Ahmed's mistake in running QA on 70% of the crash data. We also identify another sub-contractor here.

OECD Methodology Explained: (11/1/2009) The methodology being used for the study.

MSF's Move a Game Changer (10/27/2009) Our attempt to explain why the MSF mid-October announcemnt of funds withholding probably closes down any chance of going back to the existing funding entities for more cash.

Visiting the Study Researchers (10/27/2009) We rode to Phoenix and met the man behind Dynamic Science.

Crash Study Cost Comparisons (10/24/2009) We compare costs with Hurt, Maids and previous estimates for the OSU study and conclude that, in real terms, it is costing eight times Hurt, four times Maids and a third more, per crash studied, than OSU was talking about in the spring of 2009.

More Details on the Study (10/19/2009) We list the supporting state DOTs, reveal the maneuvers that insulate the study from the helmet controversy, and consider the possibility of the study recommending speed governor regulations, and how to counter this possibility.

Sign the Crash Study Petition (10/17/2009) launches the Crash Study Petition. It was clear that something was amiss, and time for bikers to intervene. We since updated the petitions section, adding to the resources pages and updating the artwork.

Crash Study Details (10/16/2009) We add media articles and details to our ongoing story.

LA Times confirms study money withheld. (10/15/2009) We add details and interview Dr Ahmed.

DOT announces study (10/6/2009) We report the study announcement.

Crash Causation Revisited (9/25/2009) We discuss what the study might find, probably very different from Hurt.