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Motorcycle Crash Study resources

Here is our collection of information on the Crash Causation Study. We keep the blog updated with the latest information. You can sign up for an Atom feed there.

We added contacts for some of the organizations involved, and information on how to find your Congress reps and state safety officers. You can cut and paste anything on this site to use on your site or forum.

New: we put in a Freedom of Information Act request and got a copy of the Pilot Study contract documents. See ourPilot Study page and timeline, with a downloadable pdf of the FOIA information packet.

Here's an overview of what the study is doing. And here's additional information on the project.

Remember that the stakeholders are friends of bikers who have done a lot of work to get the study to the point it's at. Please treat them as you would any fellow biker, and be nice. And tell your friends. Study Information

NEW: Our Crash Causation Study FAQ: Frequently-asked questions about the new OSU study.

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Crash Study Sub Contractors

The study funding, currently, $3,187,000 from public and AMA funds, is split up with about 20% being kept by OSU as is customary with grant income in third level institutions. This is to pay part of the salary of the staff researchers and general overhead. We estimate this amount as approximately $640,000.

The per-crash variable cost for the pilot study has been between $8000 and $9000 per crash. This money has been split between the following:


That magic 900 number

We list here study stakeholders and other authorities who have specified that the 900 minimum study sample is needed.