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Jerry Palladino writes: I started my Ride Like a Pro classes and Ride Like a Pro videos once I became a motor officer back in 1999. I believe that all riders need to know these three critical techniques that I learned as a Motor Officer, it will save their lives.  I have my Ride Like a Pro rider training franchises all around the Country.  I offer my various Ride Like a Pro videos for every level of rider skills from beginner to advanced and then some.
Want to take the course but are afraid of dropping your own bike? Ride Like A Pro West Coast has a fleet of Kawasaki KZ1000 Police Motorcycles for you to use. It's easier to learn the skills and focus on the techniques when you are not worried about dropping your own bike. So consider a Training Bike, and put your mind at ease!

Short on time? Try our "Fly-N-Ride" program. We'll pick you up at airport, you can take the course on a training bike, and drop you back off for a return flight. Nothing could be easier.
All attendees can retake the course at any time within one year to the date of their class at no charge.

Level: Advanced, Police Motor officer rider training to the average citizen rider

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Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic
800-943-5638, 760-220-5045
Lee Parks and his franchisees have adapted race-based riding technique for the street rider.
Levels: Advanced and level 2 advanced
Review: reviews Total Control at Dragon Safe, TN

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